Asset Management Services

Zinnia Asset Management Services provides a well-diversified investment platform to its wide mix of investors which are in the nature of Financial Institutions, Family office, Body corporates and Ultra High Net worth Individuals.  

The asset allocations are made under multiple investment strategies which include private equity, fixed income, currencies etc.

We possess the willingness, agility, scope and expertise to promote product innovation and curate a bespoke market access to meet the investment philosophy of our esteemed investors.

Rigorous client assessment and advanced portfolio construction techniques are therefore tailored for specific performances of each investor. Periodic review and rebalancing of each investors asset allocation mix results in a consistent performance profile in this dynamic economic environment.

Why Zinnia Asset Management?

  • Flexibility in choosing the appropriate fund structure
  • Segregated Investment platform for global investments including India
  • Robust risk management, compliance and governance functions
  • Tailor-made reporting and monitoring of investments through proprietary tools
  • Network of world class services providers
  • Local Investment Advisor for all deal sourcing requirements
  • Highly experienced board
  • Quick and easy client on-boarding
  • Flexibility in terms of appointment of intermediaries